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Air Conditioning Specialists

We create comfortable environments

Uniform temperature and humidity is what makes any space not just comfortable, but a pleasure to be in. Heronridge are specialists in air conditioning systems creating the perfect environment; whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, workplace, IT datacentre or commercial kitchen. 

Our installation and maintenance services will keep your space comfortable and within regulations, no matter if it’s a hot kitchen, an open restaurant, a hotel or a working office.

Air Handling Plant (AHUs)

Our vision is to support the delivery of a UK built environment where air quality is recognised as imperative to productive, healthy working and living. We work across the supply chain in a partnership approach, using our unrivalled expertise to design and deliver air handling unit solutions that support healthy and productive environments to live and do business in.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Want to enjoy that ‘fresh air feeling’ we all love – without having to leave open your windows?
MVHR systems are an increasingly popular way to attain a constant circulation of fresh, filtered air into your home. A lack of ventilation, especially in wet rooms, results in humid conditions that promotes the growth of mould and mites that thrive in the wet conditions.

MVHR systems are ultra-quiet and discrete, supplying your home with a stream of fresh filtered air whilst extracting the stale and reducing dust, allergens, pollutants and moisture – so your home is left secure yet benefitting from the feel of open windows. We regularly install and service these fresh air systems in homes, so if you have any questions or you’d like to receive a free quotation, please get in touch.


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Commercial Heat Recovery & Ventilation

Heat recovery units are proving a popular addition to businesses that want complete control over their indoor climate, including humidity levels, and levels of a constant flow of ‘fresh’ filtered air.
Ventilation services we provide include the installation, maintenance and repair of systems such commercial kitchen extractors.

MVHR’s (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems) are a great addition to office buildings, by re-circulating already conditioned air within the building, you can maintain an environment that is comfortable for employees, whilst simultaneously improving energy efficiency.

Whilst replacing stagnant air is a key benefit, MVHR’s also provide an excellent way to meet new building L-regulations that require new developments to show a 25% improvement on Co2 emission output over the 2006 standard.

We are highly experienced in the installation of these systems. We install systems to the highest standards and offer service packages that ensure they give optimal performance over their lifetime.

Do you want your home and workplace to be comfortable all year round?

Using the best equipment from the best manufacturers our fully qualified and approved engineers supply, install, service and repair the very latest air conditioning systems nationwide – for all heating and air conditioning needs.

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